We are Operational Improvement Specialists.

Our mission is to provide outstanding value to our clients by ensuring their structure, systems and skills are aligned with their strategic intent. With this alignment our customers maximise their bottom line, and excel in their chosen marketplace.

Accelerated Improvement Services

Your operational requirements are our main focus and our services are customised to meet your business objectives. Whether you require purely a diagnostic role, process improvement or a full change management engagement, we have the expertise and proven capability.

Our engagement services are fully customised, using the latest manufacturing management philosophies or parts there of to meet your business objectives.

See our services page for the scope of our accelerated improvement services.

Prophit™ Systems

We provide software solutions and software development services to align your Information Systems with your operational goals. We understand that information systems should service and support your business. Our goal is to improve the operational impact of these systems and reduce your total cost of ownership.

See our solutions page for our productive solutions.

Corporate Sustainability

There is a saying; you do not inherit land from your parents, you borrow it from your children.

Environmental Sustainability is gaining momentum, Governments are legislating to increase adoption from slow changers and innovative organisations are embracing the philosophy to create a competitive advantage. Where will your company sit?

Is a zero ecological footprint realistic, and will it ensure long term profitability or share holder value?

We are working with industry leaders and universities to develop profitable action steps to develop corporate sustainability. We will work with your company to deliver the next steps on your journey.

See our sustainability page for our sustainability solutions.